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Fatty had a party and nobody came!

Lauren Graham / Matthew Perry
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Not Really Rules, Just Common Sense Reminders

1. Be respectful to everyone.
2. Tag your posts with the tags provided. This makes it easier for someone to find what they're looking forward. If you're unsure what to tag it, then leave it and a mod will do it.
3. Don't hotlink anything. If you're going to post pictures here, save them to your own computer and then upload them on your own server (photobucket.com and imageshack.us are great sites) and then post them here. Also, if you're going to post more than three pictures or just really huge ones, please make a preview and then put the rest under a cut.
4. If you have a question/comment/problem with another member, etc., please contact one of the mods on their personal journal.
5. Enjoy yourself and bask in the glorious-ness that is Matthew and Lauren.

Credit for the header goes to ele309. Layout from snubbly.