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Studio 60 Awesomeness!

Danny: Graham, you are talented, you are a delight and if I may say so, you are a hot-buttered biscuit.
Lauren Graham: Why did you cut my sketch?
Danny: I think the thing to remember here is that it was me who cut the sketch. It was predisorial decision involving a number of technical factors, cameras, grips, a complicated metric of
Lauren (to Matt): Why did you cut my sketch?
Matt: It wasn’t funny.
Lauren: I thought it was funny!
Matt: Ack, the writing was funny but you weren’t very good.
Lauren: Really? Because I thought the writing was one unbearably long set-up for a jingle.
Matt: And that’s why I cut the sketch. You were in a number of wonderful sketches tonight including a hilarious send-up of your character on Callico Girls.
Lauren: Gilmore Girls.
Danny: I wrote it down for you!
Matt: This is my number if you ever feel like coffee or a basketball game or something and would you give a copy of this to the girl who plays your kid on the show too?
Lauren: Is sucking up to the host time over?
Danny: Sure, go enjoy the party.
<Lauren walks away and then walks back to take the piece of paper with Matt's number on it>
Lauren: This is humiliating.

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Actors: Matthew Perry (Including Scrubs, Friends & w/ Lauren Graham).
Actresses: Uma Thurman (Including Kill Bill & w/ Quentin Tarantino), Lauren Graham (Including Gilmore Girls & w/ Matthew Perry).
Television: Friends.


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Celebrities: Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham, Lauren Graham.
Movies: Titanic (1997), Conspiracy (TV Movie w/ Kenneth Branagh), Kill Bill, Shakespeare In Love.
Television: Gilmore Girls, The Office (UK).
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